Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have .

Scheduling appointments

Upon calling the office for an appointment, you will be offered the first available appointment. Front staff do not have medical training to determine the severity of your conditions. They will try to accommodate everyone, however, please realize they can only schedule appointments within the time slots available.

How are time slots allotted?

A typical office appointment has a 15-minute time allotment; this gives Dr. Rheault time to listen to your concern, examine you and formulate a treatment plan for you.

Are there same-day appointments available?

Yes, there are always same-day appointments or “squeeze-in” appointments every day. These are meant to deal with relatively quick issues and minor problems. These are not meant for chronic problems, forms or any other issues that would necessitate more time. Examples would include sore ears; a sore throat; bladder infections; chest colds etc. Only one problem will be discussed during a “squeeze-in” appointment.

I have multiple issues to address; why can I only discuss two?

Often people will come in with lists of issues they want to discuss. In order to keep wait times in office and for appointments shorter, we will only address two issues per visit if they are relatively simple, or one major problem. By focusing on one or two issues, these concerns can be addressed in-depth versus having the feeling of both of us being rushed and not having fully addressed the issues.

Can I book a follow-up appointment for my results?

Although Dr. Rheault reviews all labs and test results that he orders, patients are always more than welcome to book follow-up appointments to review their results together. Please be mindful that this will take up a time slot that could be used to bring a patient with medical concerns. Upon review of the results, you will be called to come in for an appointment to discuss the results personally with Dr. Rheault.

Nursing services provided, what are they?

Our nurse provides services that often do not require an appointment to be booked with the physician. For example simple monitoring of height/weight / blood pressure, suture/staple removals, ear syringing, certain immunization updates, testing of urines. If there is any concern she will reach out to the doctor or invite you for an appointment.

I dropped off forms, when can I expect them to be ready?

Unfortunately, more and more people need forms for just about everything it seems now. Forms are always completed after my regular work hours on my own personal time; hence why it takes time since I have very little personal time as well. When I get too backed up with forms, my staff will book me off a day of clinic to get these completed. Please don’t call the office to ask if they are completed, we will call you once completed and it doesn’t speed up the process.

Also, all forms have a fee associated with them. You can inquire about an estimate ahead of the work being done. Please ensure your section is completed on arrival. To view Dr. Rheault’s Schedule of Fees for Uninsured Services, please click here.

Office Visits

Like most physician across the province, we have large practices and we do appreciate the struggles people have in trying to access the office for appointments. Here are some tips for making the most of your appointments, to ensure proper booking and to free up the phone lines.

Be clear and direct

Be clear on the reason why you want the appointment, i.e. physical exam, sore ear, high blood pressure, etc. If there is a personal reason you do not want to disclose, please notify reception. Knowing what people are coming for helps ensure proper scheduling and maximize visit times. We have limited spots and you are usually given the earliest appointment available; therefore, be prepared to wait longer if the first suggestions are not convenient to you.

Limit the issues for review

Do not bring a list of 10 issues to address—we will strictly adhere to 2 problems, for a 15 min time slot. You can always reschedule a follow-up appointment to discuss less pressing issues. We review the results of all tests and will call you if needed; however, you are always welcome to come in and discuss your results (although this is not a priority since we review).

After Hours Care

We always reserve same day appointments for quick simple issues instead of having to run to Walk-In Clinics, i.e common colds, bladder infections, and sore ears/throat. For your after-hours care, you are to go to our FHO after-hours clinic at 1485 Bancroft Drive.

Repeated use of non-FHO walk-in clinics

We receive a monthly list of clinic visits from the Ministry of Health. Repeated use of non-FHO walk-in clinics will lead to de-rostering from the practice.

Vaccine Records

Please keep track of your vaccine records; it is your responsibility. (If we have to look for them for you this is not covered and you will be charged a fee).

Valid Health Card

A valid health card is your sole responsibility you will be charged 40$ for any visit if your health card is expired or invalid.